Dec 26, 2015

Winter Weather

Last days, last article of 2015.

I've taken these photos in mid-december, but it wasn't even cold at that time and it's still not o.O. I really enjoy wearing my Levi's denim at this time of the year :D.

Hope you enjoy :)!

Dec 17, 2015

Burgundy Inspirations

B U R G U N D Y  L O V E R

Here is my inspiration list for this week. It is totally burgundy-oriented as I love this color so much! So easy to wear and so pretty to wear. Giovanna Battaglia's total burgundy look makes me fall in love even more with this amazing color. Enjoy!

Wendy's Lookbook

Giovanni Battaglia (<3 her)


Boots Pandas Dune London

Vernis OPI

Aug 20, 2015

Trip in the suburbs

After a big trip in London and Shanghai for months, I'm coming back to Paris for new adventures. Me and my friend made a trip around Paris' suburbs and this photoshoot was the result ;).

Feb 15, 2015

Brick Lane

It's been a week since I've landed in London and I'm amazed at how diverse and big this city is. Visited England a few times but never London (feel ashamed >.<). I've decided to take a trip to the Brick Lane area. Famous for its graffiti and home of many Bengali people, I had to go there and see for myself. As it was Saturday, it was full of tourists (like me haha) but it was worth the trip.

Feb 13, 2015

The Beginning

I created my blog in a moment where I think fashion is at an all-time low. Consuming fast and bad, same silhouettes, same renegades, no creativity anymore, a feeling that a lot of us have where we feel like la mode is losing itself in its craziness.
In the same time, I love it, I appreciate it, I'm still learning about it everyday. Creativity & Inventivity is my everyday motto.
I like when a piece of cloth is telling a story, when you're making a story with something you just bought.
Every piece I wore has its story. I don't wear clothes just to wear clothes. I cannot imagine wearing something just because everyone has it. I have a need to make it valuable for me to wear it, otherwise I would  feel like naked or meaningless.
When it happens and because it happens, when I buy clothes because of a quick need, I feel like it doesn't fit me. Paradoxically, fast fashion could not be for me if we speak on these terms, but financially speaking, it is what's more attainable for me and where you can find suitable pieces. So, I never under-estimate fast fashion.

Fast fashion user but slow fashion lover as I want to grow a style that I appreciate.

I'm from a part of the world where people can get anything they want, but don't know what to do with all these countless choices. Feeling guilty or not? Reducing choices to feel more free?
That's for me the challenges as a consumer and as a fashion lover, but also questions that I feel need to be raised in this crazy but undoubtedly wonderful fashion world. My world. Welcome in...

La Yeoja.